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A Letter from the Bride

Like many little girls, I dreamed of my wedding day.  To avoid blatant gendered stereotypes, I would like to acknowledge that many fellas also dream about their wedding day, including my groom. For my wedding I dreamed of an elaborate affair with me skiing in with a white bikini. The food would be the height of gourmet featuring a multi-tiered pizza cake made of different sized pizza, buckets of hot french fries with every type of dipping sauce imaginable and, of course, an ice cream bar for dessert. What was not in my dream was being a single bridesmaid 17 times. Yes, I said 17. And, I definitely didn’t dream of planning my wedding as a 38-year-old bride days after I finish graduate school, in the middle of a global pandemic. May I also note my dreams did not include me walking down the aisle to a string quartet in a full length white dress that completely covers my bikini. I waited to be a bride my whole life, but now that I am actually preparing to be a bride, I am realizing tha

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