Deja vu

In the spring of 2017, Josh (name changed to protect the innocent) a tall dark and handsome young man who lived in the city and graduated from a world-renowned technical college asked me out on a first date to a quirky Thai restaurant in a trendy area of town.

In the spring of 2018, Josh 2.0 a different shorter and lighter Josh, who also lived in the city and graduated from the same world-renowned technical college, asked me out on a first date at the same quirky Thai restaurant in the same trendy area of town.

Because I LIVE for these types of weird deja vu, awkward moments I was obliged to go on the same date twice. I mean, what are the chances !?! There are thousands of other restaurants in Atlanta, hundreds of other neighborhoods, and countless generic male names and technical colleges from which to choose.

Unfortunately for Josh 2.0, there was actually no way I could date the same guy twice, since I already knew how that relationship was going to end.

I did learn some very important things from that situation:

Life Lesson 1: When faced with major decision, choose the funniest option. No regrets.
Life Lesson 2: When asking someone on a first date, you should probably ask said person if they have been on the same date before, or if they have an ex-boyfriend with your name.
Life Lesson 3: When pretending to be wise and mature, do not let people know that you make major decisions based on which option is the funniest.  
Life Lesson 4: If Oreos are making you sick, you shouldn't switch the flavor, you should change the food.