Secret Racism

When my sweet friend told me she was dating someone, she didn’t even think to mention that he was white. I didn’t even think to ask. I did ask if this mystery man loved Jesus, and if he displayed Godly maturity. She told me that in the 4 years that she had known him, she was consistently impressed by his genuine and humble walk with the Lord and the ways he loved and served their co-workers.

Last week this mystery man got a surprise visit/intervention from his grandmother. The elderly “God-fearing” woman drove over an hour to express her concern for her grandson. His grandmother was completely outraged that he would defame their family name by dating a black girl! What was he thinking!

As most Americans know, this is not an isolated situation. I can spout off story after story of couples receiving similar rebukes. From Cubans being told they needed to marry whiter, to bi-racial couples being warned to not have children lest they be an abomination (true story).  The most horrific part is that these altercations often come veiled as genuine concern and Godly protection. 
“I am not racist. I am just concerned for your kids, and how others will treat them.”

“It’s not an issue of inequality more an issue of cultural difference. You come from different cultures. Your marriage would be easier if you married someone from the same culture.”

My blood boils just typing out things that I have heard other people say. What can I say, I hate- Hate. I just do.  The thing that makes me angrier than racism, is racism that poises itself as Christianity. So to make sure that I am not the one confused about the gospel, let me write out the gospel as I see it displayed throughout scripture.

1.       God created the world, all of it. He created mankind, male and female, from whom ALL of humanity derives (Genesis 1).

2.       Sin entered the world through one man, and spread to ALL mankind (Romans 1-3).

3.       God chose Abram and his family as an instrument to display His love and glory and by extension bless ALL the nations (Gen 12-50).

4.       The law was given to Moses. Although the law was not sin it served to make ALL man accountable for his sin (Exodus 20/Romans 7:7-25).

5.       Jesus Christ, the God man, came to earth to suffer die and rise for the salvation of ALL who believe in His name (1 Timothy 1:15).

Yes, the Bible does warn against being unequally yoked. Yes, the Old Testament does warn against intermarrying with other nations. These situations were imposed to protect against losing the faith not losing the “race”. It is okay if you feel uneasy when you see an interracial couple, but don’t simplify your discomfort by calling it sin.  Get to the bottom of what you feel and why, because if a Godly man (who I find attractive) asks me out, I don’t really give a rat what color he is, and to be quite honest, I hope my kids have brown skin.
Oh and just to be clear, Moses agreed with me on this one. Also to be clear, this is not an actual picture of Moses and his African bride, since cameras weren't invented then (Numbers 12:1).

Attempting to Train a Dog

I lived in college dorms for 9 years. Yes, most people don't make it past 4 years, but I am a bit of an overachiever when it comes to all inclusive living. There are many downfalls to being a 30-year-old living a dorm, the most obvious being the denial of one of America's most basic rights, the right to own a dog.  Within two weeks of finally maturing and moving out of the dorm, I got a dog.  Years of deprivation may have attributed to my instant over obsession with my dog. I miss her when I leave and make every excuse to spoil her when I am home. I bring her up at least once a day with my co-workers, who I am sure are annoyed that I talk about my dog literally every day. My intensity would be  normal if I was a 7-year-old boy, but I am not. I am a 31-year-old single woman. I should be obsessed with my kids but since I am circumstantially barren, I have chosen to obsess over my dog. So Suck it. (Please sing that like Sean and Gus. If you are unfamiliar with the reference, please google, and then sing). 

Although I love my dog, I can, hesitantly admit that she is sometimes the worst. She takes her role of guard dog so seriously that she barks at every noise outside no matter what time. Thank you everyone who drives down my street at 3AM, appreciate it.  If a car actually pulls into our driveway, she goes crazy barking at the door warning the would-be-intruder not to come any closer; however, if they do come closer and perhaps use their key to get into the house, she ends up peeing on the floor and shaking in a corner. This has happened on multiple occasions when my brother-in-law has had the nerve to come home late when she, the dog, wasn't expecting him. To keep us all on our toes (pun intended) for a week, out of nowhere, she decided she would rather pee on the floor than actually let someone know she needed to go outside.  On two occasions when she was on a walk OUTSIDE, she pooped in the middle of our busy sidewalk. To top it off, she peed in my bed, TWICE.
Despite her continual ridiculousness, we still love her and attempt to train her. She has learned to sit and lay-down like a champ. She hasn't had an "Accident" (better called an "On Purpose") in the house for weeks.  Because she has mastered these basics, I have started attempting to teach her to stay. She hasn't quite grasped the concept. When I tell her to sit...  she sits, when I tell her to lay down.... she lays down, but when I tell her to stay... she stays for one second and then she walks towards me excited and ready for a treat! It’s a very frustrating process. I don’t need her to stay for any particular reason, and I am not asking her to stay forever. I am just asking for her to stay until I tell her she can go. I need her to trust me and learn to follow my commands, so that one day when it is important, she will respond correctly. 

I never thought I would compare myself to a dog, especially after the "Good Dog" fiasco (Please refer to blog post- Tales of a Girl Who Loved to Much), but I HATE being told to STAY. I hate it. Lord, if you want me to sit, bring it. If you want me to lay down, I'll pack up my work gear and go home right now, because laying down might be my favorite command. But, if you ask me to "stay" in a place that is boring and mundane and where I am confused by your purpose, I am going to try and get up as fast as humanly possible.  I know that you love me, despite my many "accidents" and "on purposes". I know that your intentions are for my good, and that you are wiser than I can fathom. I know that what feels like an eternity of waiting, is actually seconds compared to the eternity I will spend with you.  So I am attempting to be obedient to what I know and not what I feel. I am learning to stay, one second at a time, and, although, it may take a couple of accidents on the floor, I am learning, I hope, to be obedient to my master.